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ZoomISO allows you to generate individual video outputs of the participants in a Zoom Meeting / Webinar, allowing you to easily recomposite them inside of a vision mixer, switcher, or media server. This macOS application supports a variety of output formats for popular production systems, and can export HD video in supported Zoom calls. 

With the release of ZoomISO into Open BETA, Liminal is thrilled to introduce the most highly-requested production feature on the Zoom platform, and we look forward to reviewing your feedback so that ZoomISO can fully revolutionize your decentralized production workflows.


NewTek NDI


Send IP-based Video across an ethernet network with wide application compatibility. Expect output bandwidth to be about 50Mbps for 1080p outputs
learn more about NDI

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Syphon is an open source Mac OS X technology that allows applications to share frames - full frame rate video or stills - with one another with low-latency.
learn more about Syphon

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Blackmagic DeckLink*

Export participants to individual SDI outputs using BlackMagic hardware on your Mac

*With Syphon - DeckLink or NDI® - Decklink Conversion Software
See below for links

Window Output

Assign participant feeds to displays for simple video output, either to a specific display or as a floating window.


HD Individual Outputs

ZoomISO can export participant video feeds at HD resolutions inside supported meetings*. 

  • 1-4 outputs at 1080/720p* 30FPS

  • 5+ outputs at 1080/720p* 15FPS**

  • Outputs at 180p or 360p 30FPS (Quantity determined by hardware abilities)

Additionally, ZoomISO can output individual feeds generated from automatic crops of the Zoom Gallery View. Select whether you want the outputs to be created by UserName, ZoomID, TargetID, or GalleryIndex.

Please note: encoding outputs requires significant system resources. Please explore the limits of your hardware, and provide feedback in our form below to help us verify expected performance and create a recommended hardware list.

*HD Meetings (720p and 1080p) require activation by Zoom Support for accounts which meet their requirements. Read more here

**We have found that Zoom limits the bandwidth sent to a client by reducing the framerate roughly by half after 4 HD Outputs

Leverage the Power of OSC

/zoom/userName/outputISO "Andy Carluccio" 4

The new ../outputISO command provides fast and flexible routing abilities to assign Zoom participants to ISO outputs. Combined with a Stream Deck and Companion, the new OSC command opens a world of possibilities for video routing on the Zoom platform.

Evaluation Download:

ZoomISO BETA is available for evaluation, with a watermark on all output feeds

ZoomISO BETA is provided for a limited time under the terms of the BETA AGREEMENT for testing purposes only. ZoomISO is a macOS application.

We need your feedback! Please take a moment to fill out this form after evaluating the application.

We are particularly interested in which hardware devices and software applications you are intending to use with ZoomISO so that we can ensure compatibility.


When will ZoomISO be available for purchase?

ZoomISO Open BETA is now available for evaluation purposes only. Liminal will use the feedback from this beta program to finalize the application, and we currently anticipate commercial availability in mid/late June. When ZoomISO is available for purchase, you will be able to remove the output watermark by entering a license key. 

If your current BETA build meets your production needs, and you wish to make a purchase before commercial launch, please send an email to info@liminalet.com. These requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Useful Resources:

Check out the programs below, which interface with the protocols that ZoomISO can export to: