ZoomOSC 4.0

Coming soon:

ZoomOSC 4.0 adds powerful new features and introduces ZoomOSC Pro:

ZoomOSC Essentials

All the features from the current ZoomOSC version, with some new improvements. Benefit from the new UI, backend redesign, and additional control commands.

Please note that not all new 4.0 features will be available to free users.

ZoomOSC Pro

Game-changing features and massive improvements to the application. Use remote control to manage other ZoomOSC instances and create powerful workflows in automation and integration. Maximum control; unlimited possibilities.

Pricing and full feature list to be released soon.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the new improvements coming to ZoomOSC:

  • Brand new interface for better monitoring and configuration of the application.

  • Completely redesigned backend for greater stability and ease of use. With a new OSC processing engine, improvements to the API format, and tons of behind-the-scenes upgrades, ZoomOSC 4.0 brings a fresh targeting system and more consistent formatting. 

  • Complete remote control of other participants using ZoomOSC. ZoomOSC 4.0 uses the in-meeting private chat system to send control messages to other ZoomOSC instances. For the first time, have advanced control over talent interfaces beyond what can be achieved as a Zoom host.

  • Control Mic level of participants. Use an OSC command to adjust the mic input level in Zoom with high precision. 

  • Configure audio/video devices, and more. Combined with the new remote control feature, you can now change audio/video devices for participants running ZoomOSC Pro.

  • Multi-spot, Multi-pin.  ZoomOSC enables full control over spotlighting and pinning to allow both better meeting management and precision control over your local display for streaming.

  • Send chat messages using OSC.  Automated pre-show messaging? Dynamically send a precomposed message to participants who unmute their mic? The possibilities are endless!

  • Tons of new commands, options, and workflow optimizations. ZoomOSC 4.0 is the greatest leap forward in Zoom for broadcasting and virtual event management. Take advantage of dozens of new control options, the new UI and status display, and the immensely powerful remote control capabilities to elevate your Zoom meetings to never seen before levels.

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