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In the OSC Settings of ZoomOSC or ZoomISO, configure the following settings:

  • Transmission IP should be the IP address of the computer where companion is running (or if Companion is running on the same computer as ZoomOSC/ISO)

  • Transmission port should be an available port number that you will have Companion listen to

  • Receiving port will be the available port that ZoomOSC/ISO will receive commands on from Companion

  • OSC Output Rate should be set to Fastest Possible

  • You cannot modify the OSC address header when using this module

  • “Subscribe to” should be set to All in most cases

  • Gallery Tracking Mode (or Participant Reporting) should be set to Zoom ID

Companion Setup.png

In the settings of the ZoomOSC/ISO Module in Companion:

  • Target host should be the IP of the computer where ZoomOSC/ISO is running (or if they are on the same computer)

  • Sending Port should be identical to the Receiving Port in ZoomOSC/ISO

  • Receive Port should be identical to the Sending Port in ZoomOSC/ISO

  • Default selection method governs if the module will allow you to select multiple participants or just one at a time by default, though this can be changed using a button at any point

  • Sync ISO Configuration time determines how quickly the module will poll ZoomISO for its output configuration.

  • Number of selectable groups determines how many groups will be available within the module. This automatically creates variables and presets for those groups.

Companion Setup 2.png
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