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ZoomISO is Zoom’s official, high-end offering for remote contribution, dramatically expanding the capabilities of the Zoom platform in the world of event and broadcast production. This macOS application supports a variety of output formats for popular production systems, and can export HD video in supported Zoom calls.

ZoomISO v2 is now available! 
Check the links below for details, purchasing, and downloads

ZoomISO 2.2.0

Video Engine

Software Outputs

ndi just letters new_edited.png


Vizrt Group NDI


NDI technology allows applications to send IP-based video across an ethernet network with wide application compatibility, configurable discovery, and  low-latency  

learn more about NDI

Syphon Logo.png

Metal Syphon

Syphon is an open source macOS technology that allows applications on the same system to share frames - full frame rate video or stills - with one another at low-latency

learn more about Syphon

SRT white.png

Secure Reliable Transport

SRT is an open source video streaming protocol designed to connect endpoints for the purposes of low latency streaming across any network such as the public internet

learn more about SRT

Hardware Outputs

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Blackmagic Desktop Video

Export Zoom participants to individual outputs, including SDI and SMPTE 2110 (beta), using Blackmagic hardware with your Mac

learn more about Blackmagic

Display Output

Send Zoom participant video streams to your system's display outputs, including support for DisplayLink emulation technology

learn more about DisplayLink


AJA I/O Hardware

Transmit isolated Zoom streams to production formats, including SDI and HDMI, using AJA Io, Kona, and Corvid products
(AJA support is currently in beta)

learn more about AJA

ZoomISO v2 has a completely redesigned video engine that is built upon Zoom Raw Data access and accelerated by Apple Silicon. This powerful media system dramatically improves performance and significantly enhances the output image quality.

A variety of Output Modes allow the creation of video feeds based on a specific participant, active speaker, spotlight index, or screenshare. In addition, you can leverage several failover modes in case a participant disconnects from the call or turns off their video unexpectedly.

Video Anchor

Audio Engine


Embedded Network

Artboard 1.png
Loopback logo.png
decklink icon.png

Dante Virtual Soundcard


Black Hole

Embedded Hardware

Embed audio from each Zoom stream into their corresponding NDI or SRT video output over IP

Use multi-channel audio output to DVS to send to Dante devices or other Dante-enabled software.

Loopback virtual audio device allows advanced routing and monitoring between applications

Black Hole virtual audio device allows advanced routing and monitoring between applications

Hardware I/O expansion devices can embed Zoom audio into video streams including SDI

In addition to having the ability to embed isolated participant or mixed audio into NDI and Hardware outputs,
ZoomISO’s Advanced Audio system allows for fully customizing an audio export chain to
any multichannel audio device on the system. 

With Advanced Audio, it’s easy to implement audio export chains such as isolating 32 channels of participant audio to Dante Virtual Soundcard or sending a variety of sub-mixes to Loopback for monitoring. Embedding ISO participant audio into NDI feeds for vMix is also easily achievable inside of the new Output Management interface.

Audio Anchor

More ZoomISO Features

High Bandwidth Mode

ZoomISO has access to a high bandwidth link to the Zoom Cloud. By default, ZoomISO can extract up to 30Mbps of content from Zoom. When signed in with a qualified account, ZoomISO can extract 100Mbps, or approximately 16 1080p 30FPS video feeds from a single instance of the app on supported hardware.

Participant Management Interface

ZoomISO v2 introduces a new user interface optimized for efficiently managing large meetings and webinars. In the Participants View, you can search for a user by name, or you can apply a combination of filters to help you find exactly who you are looking for in an alphabetized list of all participants.

Easy to Use, but Incredibly Powerful

ZoomISO supports a variety of workflows, yet its core principles are simple to use. Once you have a configuration that works well for your studio, you can save the application state to a file that you can share, load, or merge into another project. In addition, ZoomISO offers many advanced controls of its media engine, allowing it to integrate into both simple and complex production ecosystems through both its user interface and industry-leading OSC API.




Bitfocus Companion

Integrations - The Power of OSC

/zoom/userName/outputISO "Andy Carluccio" 4

Take advantage of OSC Routing for better management. ZoomISO’s OSC control over output routing and application settings allows you to better remotely manage your contribution system and switch participants on the fly. ZoomISO wraps around our popular ZoomOSC API, which powers integrations with third party interfaces including BitFocus Companion, Isadora, and Universe Control.

Optimized Performance

ZoomISO v2 is optimized for high performance on Apple Silicon. To learn more about these enhancements, and to see context for how ZoomISO may perform in your workflow, check out the benchmarks below.

ZoomISO Lite and Pro Editions

Feature Comparison

ZoomISO v2 is available in two activation levels, Lite and Pro. ZoomISO Lite is designed to be an affordable solution for those producing small panels using contribution systems including NDI to vMix with embedded, isolated audio. ZoomISO Pro is for the high end, cutting edge broadcast production solutions, including using SDI for dense remote caller contribution with advanced workflows and controls. For a full comparison, see this chart:







Zoom Raw Data Access

Apple Silicon Acceleration

Maximum Outputs



ZoomOSC Included



NDI Support

Metal Syphon Support

Physical Display / DisplayLink Support

Output Modes (Participant, Active Speaker, Spotlight Index, etc.)

Screenshare Output Mode

Video Loss Modes

In-App Video Previews

Customizable Output Names

Participant Management Interface

Embedded NDI ISO Audio

Save, Load, Merge Configurations

../outputISO OSC Command

Support for Zoom's ZoomISO Bitfocus Companion Module

Blackmagic Desktop Video Support

Advanced Audio Interface (Dante Virtual Soundcard, Loopback, etc)

../audioISO OSC Command

Zoom High Bandwidth Mode**

Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) Support

AJA Hardware Support

*In conjunction with High Bandwidth Mode, ZoomISO Pro does not impose a software-level limit on video export quantity, though the number of video feeds the app can export will depend on the Mac hardware hosting the application. Please test in Trial Mode to determine if ZoomISO Pro meets your needs.

**Zoom High Bandwidth Mode increases the bandwidth allocation to the ZoomISO client from the Zoom Cloud, provided there is a sufficient internet connection and the signed in account meets all requirements. High Bandwidth Mode governs quantity, not quality, of outputs.

***In addition to bundling ZoomOSC Essentials as part of the ZoomISO Lite executable, the app also adds the ../list OSC Output, which enables integrations with third party systems including Universe, Isadora, and BitFocus Companion

Ready to try

Ready to Try ZoomISO v2?

ZoomISO 2.2.0

ZoomISO has a free trial that's available for evaluation, with a Trial Card that periodically appears on the video outputs. When the Trial Card is active, audio outputs are disabled. Otherwise, ZoomISO v2 Trial Mode is equivalent to the Pro version.

As an alternative to purchasing a device-based license on this website, ZoomISO is also included in the Zoom Events platform. ZoomISO will upgrade to Pro when signed in with a Zoom account that is a Hub Host on the Zoom Events platform.

Please evaluate ZoomISO v2 in Trial Mode before purchasing to ensure that the product meets the needs of your production ecosystem.

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