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Beta coming soon


Tiles for Zoom allows you to create customized Zoom audience galleries with highly configurable branding and interactive components, optimized hybrid event auditoriums and live streams. This macOS application offers a simple editor interface to compose Zoom participants onto gallery canvases which can be exported to production protocols.

Build Custom Zoom Galleries

Display your Zoom Audience with Ease

Tiles offers powerful tools to design and control your Zoom audience gallery displays


Design the Perfect Look with Intuitive Editing Controls

Tiles offers a simple to use but deeply customizable editor experience, so it's easy to build the exact look-and-feel needed for an event.


You can set any canvas dimension, control customized tile layout, and design with:

  • Custom borders

  • Rounded corners

  • Aspect ratios

  • Drop shadows

  • Transparency effects.


Live pre-visualization allows you build your custom gallery canvases before joining the event and explore how the design changes with different audience sizes. You can also set rules for animations and layout changes.


Customize Participant Tiles to fit your Brand

Rocco Tapia.png
Melisa Scott.png
Ginger Morris.png
Lea Hahn.png
Albert Chen.png

Quickly Organize Participants with Moderation Tools

It's important to make sure your Zoom audience is ready to be on-air, so Tiles offers a variety of tools to organize the participants within the gallery.

Low Fidelity Participant Filters.png

Filter participants to display

You can favorite or block participants, sort them by roles or video status, and set rules for excluding non-video participants or other user categories.

Participant rotation queue

Automatically replace participants displayed in the galleries to show everyone in the meeting. 

Low Fidelity Queue.png

Export your Custom Galleries to Production Protocols

Tiles allows you to control the resolution, frame rate, and orientation of your gallery outputs. In Beta, Tiles can output these galleries to NDI for easy connectivity to other hardware or software on the network. Tiles will support additional production protocols in the future, allowing Zoom to easily integrate with professional hardware and software production tools.

ndi just letters new_edited.png

Tiles is a Zoom App Marketplace integration, and a free trial will be made available which cannot join Zoom Meetings or Webinars, but is otherwise fully functional.

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Zoom Events

Tiles will be available soon on the Zoom Events platform

To activate Tiles, you must sign in using an account that is a Hub Host within the Zoom Events platform. Hub Hosts can be assigned from the Zoom Events portal, and the number of available Hub Hosts depends on the Zoom Events or Zoom Session license purchased from Zoom.

Licensed activations of Tiles can join Zoom Meetings, Webinars, or Events, even if they are organized outside of the Zoom Events platform or are owned by other Zoom accounts.

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