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ZoomOSC 4.0

Coming soon:

New user interface, multi-spot/multi-pin, remote control over participants' applications, virtual backgrounds, mic levels, and so much more...

What is ZoomOSC?​

ZoomOSC is a free expanded version of Zoom that provides a custom OSC interface to make it compatible with media servers (Isadora, QLab, etc.). ZoomOSC dramatically increases the capabilities of Zoom for live performance, events, and productions. ZoomOSC is Windows 10 and MacOS compatible.

You can use your favorite media server to control Zoom UI functions (pin, spotlight, mute/unmute, video on/off, etc.). Construct cues or non-linear control surfaces to operate Zoom like a virtual camera switcher and get up and running immediately.

Because the OSC triggers are sent from media servers, all of the video effects can fire in lock-step with Zoom. The media server can respond to changes within Zoom so that the video programming reacts automatically.

In conjunction with creative video programming, you can control the arrangement of the gallery view to create continuous images, composite multiple actors into a single frame, or seamlessly mix live and pre-recorded content. 


ZoomOSC is the linchpin in a video workflow that elevates your Zoom performance from a static view of your cast into a dynamic and visually complex production.

Control UI Functions

Set the spotlight, pin, video off/on, mute, etc.

See Setup Guide guide for specific commands

Program your Production

Use Isadora or QLab cue lists to operate your production as you would in a booth

Add Graphics

Pair ZoomOSC with a media server to create PIPs, lower thirds, and artistic graphics for your event

Dynamic Control

Build reactive media server patches that respond to the live decisions of designers, directors, and talent. Add interactivity and improvisation.

Broadcast Options

Use ZoomOSC as a video switcher alongside VMix or OBS to craft a high quality broadcast for your audience.


Use ZoomOSC with your Zoom meeting or webinar to create audience-immersive experiences.


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Getting Started

View our documentation on ZoomOSC to learn how to use the utility!

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Need Help?

We offer paid consultations for installation and setup support, production and hardware recommendations, and even custom services.

We have a Slack group where ZoomOSC users can receive community-generated support, request features, report bugs, and share how they use ZoomOSC.

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