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Maximize your control of virtual meetings and events with ZoomOSC, an expanded version of the Zoom client that integrates Zoom with third-party software and hardware.

Elevate, Automate, and Streamline your Virtual Events.

ZoomOSC 4.4.1 MacOS
ZoomOSC 4.3.0 Windows

Important Note: In accordance with Zoom’s Software Quarterly Lifecycle Policy, ZoomOSC for Windows v4.3.0, which is based on Zoom Meeting SDK versions earlier than 5.16.10, will reach end-of-support on August 3rd, 2024.

Please click here for more information. 

Introducing ZoomOSC Essentials & ZoomOSC Pro

You can now deploy ZoomOSC in one of two ways:

ZoomOSC Essentials (FREE)

All the features you know and love, plus some new ones!

ZoomOSC Pro

A paid tier that unlocks new, groundbreaking features.

"If you are serious about doing something that sits above everything else you are used to using in Zoom, you need to learn to use [ZoomOSC] set yourself apart."

Alex Lindsay, Host of The Office Hours

Looking for something? Access user guides, video tutorials, and the command list here

How does it work?

ZoomOSC uses the OSC (Open Sound Control) protocol to receive commands and control the Zoom client. In addition, the application provides OSC output for meeting status, participant data, gallery order/position, chat messages, and more.

What can you do with ZoomOSC?

Use a Hardware Controller with Zoom

ZoomOSC exposes Zoom meeting features like pinning, spotlighting, video on/off, screensharing and more through OSC messaging. This allows you to use OSC applications and hardware to create custom control surfaces for Zoom. Create your own or try out some community made integrations.

Shown: Elgato Streamdeck

Integrate with OSC Applications for Linear Cueing, Advanced control

Automation increases reliability, giving you the confidence to build shows around complicated sequences of events. For the first time, implement rapid pinning, participant management, automated chat, and other powerful meeting commands into your production flow.



ZoomOSC is for

Virtual Events

Content Creators

Interactive Experiences




OSC Commands are Intuitive to Understand

The ZoomOSC API uses a clear format for ease of use; you don't need to be a programmer to start sending commands and building your own integrations!

/zoom/userName/pin "Lisa" Lisa by username


...turn off all panelists' video

/zoom/me/setMicDevice 3

...change my mic to the 3rd device

Shown: QLab

Using the user group commands, create sequences of multi-participant pins and spot. Press one button to bring up 3 participants, then press another to switch to 5 new participants; all natively in Zoom.

Use Multi-Pin and Multi-Spot to create Super Sources

OSC Meeting Feedback gives Reactive Control to Integrators

ZoomOSC provides real-time OSC output for participant actions (ie. muting, raising hand) as well as meeting status information. With this data, integrators can drive functions with participant usernames, gallery positions, active speakers, and more.

Interactive Trivia game where the participants respond via chat; the winner is temporarily spotlit before the next question.

ZoomOSC is Developed Hand-in-Hand with the Virtual Event Community

We are event producers and video engineers just like you. ZoomOSC was created out of an immediate need for our own productions, and has grown into a powerful community responding to the feedback of working professionals.


ZoomOSC 4.4.1 MacOS
ZoomOSC 4.3.0 Windows

Take a minute to read our Beginner's Guide

Subscribe to Liminal on YouTube for trainings and tutorials

Check out our User Manual for a comprehensive introduction to the ZoomOSC application.

Access the API/Command Syntax List for a complete list of commands and outputs.

Questions? Feature requests? Please feel free to reach out at:

Feature Comparison at a Glance:







 User interface with easy access to configuration and preference settings.

Change application IP and port, as well as common settings for better compatability

Use any OSC application or hardware controller with ZoomOSC

Customize your control surface to your needs; integrate into your workflow

Enhanced Output and Feedback

All ZoomOSC command outputs include information about the user who completed the action in addition to what they did.

Multi-Pin and Multi Spot

Add and remove participants from multi-pin/spot groups to create super sources, or tightly manage your meeting.

Enhanced Output for Integrations

New output commands allow you to create Smart ZoomOSC Integrations (names on button keys, dynamic variables, media server profiles of users, reactive lower thirds)

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