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Automate Zoom Using Apple Shortcuts

ZoomCuts is a free Liminal App that allows you to integrate Zoom into Apple’s Shortcuts automation framework on macOS. In addition to creating an easy-to-use platform for building Zoom macros, ZoomCuts allows users to interact with other third-party applications on macOS that support Shortcuts, enabling automation workflows that would otherwise be too time consuming to manually create.

v1.0.5 for macOS

ZoomCuts Make Meeting Tasks Easy

Build Simple Macros or Complex Automations for Zoom in Shortcuts

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Automate Common Zoom Actions

ZoomCuts exposes many popular and useful commands for hosts and users alike within Shortcuts, which is Apple's framework for automating app actions. ZoomCuts allows you to raise or lower your hand, send in-meeting chat, get a list of participants, join meetings, and much more. You can combine these actions into macros using the Shortcuts App to run entire sequences from a single click, reducing complexity and improving reliability compared to managing Zoom with a keyboard and mouse. 


Create Inter-App Workflows

Apple provides powerful automation tools with the Shortcuts app, allowing app developers to provide actions that users can then use to create their own custom shortcuts. Actions from different applications can be combined to form a shortcut that performs tasks that would be otherwise difficult or impossible to do from within one of those individual applications alone. ZoomCuts brings Zoom into this ecosystem on macOS, allowing you to connect Zoom with other third-party applications on device that supports Shortcuts.

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Build Ergonomic Pathways to Zoom

A shortcut is a fast way to get one or more tasks done.  You can interact with these shortcuts using Apple's built-in Shortcuts App, you can invoke your shortcuts using Siri, click them from the menu bar, or build other entry-points on your devices. Automation increases reliability, giving you the confidence to build meetings and webinars around complicated sequences of events. You can use these frameworks to implement rapid pinning, participant management, automated chat, and other powerful meeting commands into your workflows.


Download Example Shortcuts

Shows a picker of participants who have their hands raised. Allows the host or co-host to select those participants to spotlight in the current meeting.

Current Song to Chat

Sends a chat containing the current song from your local library played in the Music app.

Send Heart Emoji

Sends a heart emoji reaction in the current meeting or webinar. Modify the shortcut to send a different emoji reaction and duplicate it to have one tap access to all six emoji reactions.


Cycle through each meeting participant who has their video enabled, spotlight them, and give them a set amount of time to introduce themselves before moving onto the next participant. Great for kickoff meetings to break the ice!

Rename Myself

Do you attend a lot of meetings where you have to rename yourself in Zoom in order to give yourself a different title? Use this shortcut to display a list of names. Choose one, and your meeting display name will be updated immediately.

Set Meeting Settings

Change a number of meeting settings with one tap. 

Spotlight Hands

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