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Remote Show Control for Advanced Virtual Collaboration


The Ultimate Tool for Remote Show Control
StreamWeaver Lite can Transmit ArtNet DMX, sACN, OSC, and more!

StreamWeaver Lite is a cross-platform application for virtual events and performances. It is the perfect tool for creatives who are looking to break down geographic barriers both during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. It allows you to transport common control protocols over IP, so you can lighting and sound design to your Zoom event, cue video effects to a remote media server, and allow designers to contribute remotely from around the world.

StreamWeaver Lite
MacOS and Windows



Control DMX Lights in Talents' Homes, Simplify Remote Contribution, and add production value by controlling design elements in your online event


  • Remotely control lighting in talent's home

  • Remote control of light fixtures in a performance/event venue.

  • Transmit Art-net DMX, OSC, control protocols, and more over the internet

  • Open multiple, simultaneous data streams

  • Perfect for Virtual, Hybrid, or In-Person Events


  • A lighting designer can control lights in talents' rooms for an online performance

  • Technicians can operate a performance/event venue remotely​

  • Enables guest artists to contribute from anywhere in the world!

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Beyond virtual performances, StreamWeaver Lite is also a powerful tool for hybrid events, allowing you to:

Remotely Control Your Booth: Allow your technicians to control your system from anywhere

Abide by COVID-19 Regulations: Limit the number of people on-site without limiting your event's potential.

Contribute from anywhere: You can bring the world's greatest talent to your venue for a fraction of the cost! Artists and technicians can contribute from anywhere around the globe.

Ready to try it?

To download StreamWeaver Lite, please select "Download Free Trial" below. The program will be in a limited "Trial Mode" until you purchase a license of the full version by selecting the "Purchase License" button below.

In order to use StreamWeaver Lite effectively, you will need at least 2 endpoints. Every network you want to send/receive protocols from will need an endpoint.

StreamWeaver Lite licenses are perpetual - NO SUBSCRIPTION FEES. 
Purchase once - activate, deactivate, and reactivate as often as you wish!

StreamWeaver Lite Endpoint - $89


Purchase SW Lite
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