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ZoomCuts Frequently Asked Questions


I accidentally closed one of the windows but do not want to restart the app. How do I bring it back?


We have created menu bar items to bring back the ZoomCuts or the Meeting Options windows under the Window menu. Alternatively, you can use ⌘0 to bring back the splash screen and ⌘⇧0 for the meeting options window. You must be signed in to view the Meeting Options window. 

I installed ZoomCuts but don't see the actions in the Shortcuts App. How do I solve this?


If you don't see the ZoomCuts actions available in the Shortcuts App after installation, restart ZoomCuts and the Shortcuts App, and try again. If you still don't see them, reboot the computer. If you installed ZoomCuts on an macOS version older than 13.3, you may need to reinstall ZoomCuts after updating macOS to a supported version.


Is any user data stored? If so, how do I clear it?


ZoomCuts saves the most recent meeting info, however, if you would like to clear it, choose Clear Caches from the File menu.


I signed in and clicked on the “Zoom Events” button. Why is it empty? 


The account you sign in with has to be registered for events for any events to show up. Once you register for an event it will show up immediately and give you an option to join the event/session from the interface.


I just downloaded the app. How do I build my first shortcut?


Learn how to create a custom shortcut on Mac and more on Apple's Shortcut User Guide at:

I just ran an action to manage breakout room users. What can’t I see changes in the ZoomCuts or Zoom client? 


ZoomCuts doesn’t push every breakout room action to the server before breakout rooms are opened, so some changes like “Assign Participant to Breakout Room” may not be immediately visible to other hosts, co-hosts, and participants.

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