ZoomOSC Pro Pricing

ZoomOSC Pro unlocks the full feature set of ZoomOSC. With all the great features of ZoomOSC Essentials plus features like remote control and multi-pin/multi-spot, ZoomOSC Pro allows you to work beyond the bounds of traditional virtual events and broadcasts.

Introducing ZoomOSC Essentials & ZoomOSC Pro

You can now deploy ZoomOSC in one of two ways:

ZoomOSC Essentials (FREE)

All the features you know and love, plus some new ones!

ZoomOSC Pro

A paid tier that unlocks new, groundbreaking features.

Custom and Advanced Deployment:







Alternate licensing options available

NEW User interface with easy access to configuration and preference settings.

Change application IP and port, as well as common settings for better compatability

Use any OSC application or hardware controller with ZoomOSC

Customize your control surface to your needs; integrate into your workflow

Enhanced Output and Feedback

All ZoomOSC command outputs include information about the user who completed the action in addition to what they did.

Core User Commands

All ZoomOSC 3.2 commands, including pin, spotlight, video and mic control, gallery tracking, and more.

Pair with StreamWeaver Lite

Use StreamWeaver Lite to transport OSC commands across networks; especially useful for cloud management or talent kits

Multi-Pin and Multi Spot

Add and remove participants from multi-pin/spot groups to create super sources, or tightly manage your meeting.

Enhanced Output for Integrations

New output commands allow you to create Smart ZoomOSC Integrations (names on button keys, dynamic variables, media server profiles of users, reactive lower thirds)

[BETA] Chat Remote Control

Remotely control other ZoomOSC Pro applications with a sophisticated back-end built with the meeting chat.




Contact us at custom@liminalet.com for more info.

Custom integrations for advanced projects

Large-scale deployment; cloud instance management

System design/consulting

and facility design

Engineering as

a Service


Partner Program

Coming Soon








Purchase ZoomOSC Pro

The number of activations selected at checkout is the number of ZoomOSC Pro instances you can have concurrently activated with the license key.

If you reach your activation limit, you can either purchase more activations or deactivate an instance (thus freeing up an activation on your key).

Number of Activations

For alternate purchasing options, including short-term licensing and bulk discounts, please email info@liminalet.com.


Price in USD. Additional currencies available at checkout


Detailed Feature Comparison

ZoomOSC Essentials



ZoomOSC Pro


Target participants by Username, ZoomID, TargetID, or Gallery/Index Position

Use a target list text file to specify user control

Groups of participants can be targeted

(panelists, attendees, custom user group)

Combine and exclude groups for maximum participant control

Request video on, set video off, or toggle

Mute, unmute, or toggle audio

Spotlight/unspotlight participant

Pin/unpin participant

Send chat to participant

Raise, lower, and toggle hand

Manage participant roles

(host, co-host, panelist, attendee)

Eject participants from meeting

Switch to gallery view/active speaker view

Display/hide usernames on videos

Show/hide non-video participants

Enable/disable original sound

Start/stop screenshare from primary monitor

Start screenshare on specific monitor

List current screens

Manage camera/mic/speaker devices

(list, set, get current)

Get/set mic or speaker level

Multi-spot participants

Multi-pin participants


Use ZoomOSC with StreamWeaver Lite endpoints for reliable OSC transport

Remote control any participant who is using ZoomOSC Pro

ZoomOSC uses Zoom meeting chat for

back-end communication

Enable/disable remote control permissions

by user group

Run any OSC user action from another endpoint application


Enable/disable participants from unmuting

Lower all raised hands

Clear all spotlights

Join a meeting (with ID, pass, username)

Leave meeting

End Meeting


Ping ZoomOSC Application

Subscribe to participant list updates for

OSC data feedback

Change gallery tracking mode

(participantID or zoomID)

Store/append participants into memory

load/save participant list from file for consistent target IDs

Load participant list from OSC message

Reset app memory containers

List memory to console


Participant's video turned on/off

Participant's audio turned on/off

Active speaker changed

[WINDOWS only]

Spotlight started for participant

Chat message received (from)

User role updates

User online/offline

User's hand raised/lowered

Meeting status (offline/online)

Ping reply (pong)

Gallery order/count/shape

[BETA on Windows]

Current mic/speaker/camera device

Mic/speaker/camera devices list

Virtual background list

[MAC only]

Mic level

Speaker Volume

Full participant data output (list)